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Old military airfield Brandis- Waldpolenz





The former airfield is located 3 kilometers east of Brandis and was a German airbase, it was built from 1934 to 1936. Commissioning was then 1935. It was built for the Blind Flight School 1934/1935 with a 1800 meters long and 80 meters wide airstrip. The airfield had its own railway siding on the railroad Beucha-Trebsen. The airfield Waldpolenz had four hangars, a hangar, a command post, three transformer bunker, a telephone, a fire station, a commander, a Kasere, several officers houses, an officers' mess, a commander villa, a parachute lay hall and a security bunker in 1944 built it. The airfield served as Erbrobungsplatz the Junkers AG in Dessau, including was tested here the experimental aircraft Sack AS6. By the end of the Second World War, the second start and runway of the airport, as well as an assembly hall for the rocket fighter Me 163 could not be completed. From 1943 to 1944 upgraded here the II. / Fighting Squadron 1 on the Heinkel He 177 to. 1944 and 1945, the airfield was bombed several times by the United States Army Air Forces, the place also was damaged by a German demolition squad. The United States Army Air Forces occupied the site in April 1945 and as of July 1945, the Red Army. 1946 and 1947 the damaged buildings were either demolished or rebuilt. At the time of the Russian army developed Waldpolenz regelrecxht a mini-city. Up to 5,000 people lived here. A five-storey building house was supplied by the Soviets by ship and then assembled on site. In 1954 the first MiG-15 jet fighter was stationed at the airfield. After that it was mainly attack aircraft and helicopter units. 1955 to 1961 the airfield was used as a vacant position of priority. From 1960, new taxiways were created, the start and runway was extended and a Vorstartlinie was also created. The infrastructure of the square was continuously expanded. 239. The independent Guard helicopter regiment with Mi-4, Mi-6, Mi-8 and Mi-10 was stationed at the beginning of the 1960s there. From 1969 the helicopter Mi-2 was statoniert there ebenfals. A maintenance hangar, an independent helicopter department and weiterew residential buildings for military personnel stationed was built in the 1970's it. The left Tranzporthubschrauber 1977 location and moved on towards Oranienburg. From there, the 225th separate attack helicopter regiment stationed with Mi-8 and Mi-24 there until it moved to Altstedt continue in 1985. From 1985 to 1986, the 357th separate attack aircraft regiment was on the airfield Waldpolenz stationed, whereupon the Vorstartlinie renewed and open Splitterschutzbauten for the planes were created. Was re-formed at the airfield in 1989 with the 485 separate helicopter regiment which sat four other stationed at several airports attack helicopter squadrons together. The few years previously stationed 269. Dohnenstaffel left by lack of space the airfield, and went on to Dresden-Hellerau. In 1992 was the last flights of Soviet units of the 357th separate attack aircraft regiment with the Su-25 aircraft and 485 independent helicopter regiment by the Mi-8 and Mi-Mii 24th The last Materialtranzporte found in the same year in August instead of An-12 and II-76th Thereafter, the airport and the area was handed over to the German authorities. In 1994 the site was leased to a private person to use. Until 2005 it was a flying club and there was a flying school, scenic flights by helicopter and it was opened for visual flying. As of 2005, the airport is closed. Of the total of five Hall all have not survived, some of the former residential buildings have already been demolished and the commander villa is only half. 2007-2012 was the "energy Waldpolenz" built with 52 MW solar power plant there. As of 2014, Kaser plant is demolished. The municipality as the owner of the site are aiming for the demolition of all buildings, whereupon the monument experts would like to receive some of the striking objects. So the former tower of the airfield is a listed building. Also, it was to ask in an interview the former gymnasium listed as only stand out from the hall but the walls this was dropped again. The State Conservation Office is the site of military history perspective very interesting. It was like a significant history of military aviation product. It documents the role of the Air Force during the period of National Socialism. Are to be obtained four objects among which are the Tower, the old school (Wehrmacht times the commandant), the railway station in the Bauhaus style and one of the three hangars. The other buildings are to be made gradually to the ground, among which are the hospital, the officers' mess, the huge Speißesaal with kitchen and the commander villa.


Visitors report

As we have learned from the old airfield near Brandis, we spontaneously decided to look at him closer to us. The area of ​​the airfield is scattered around the newly created Solar Waldpolenz and the whole area is a building site. When we had our first time there us was the size of Flugplatzesareals not aware of. Everywhere are empty and half-ruined buildings belong together herum.Sie dive among the trees just so auf.Manche can be seen only by wide. The individual buildings are far apart and unfortunately we could not visit all, since the main construction site road was traveled so we could never leave our car for a longer period. Later we saw, according to Google Maps we have looked at only a small part of the whole thing and prompted a second time to go there again to see the rest of the building. Unfortunately this time the main road there was already locked from the roundabout to the passage. We are despite the ban a little further down but later was not coming Further, since the Built Hallows with signs and displays indicating not to continue what we have our project but then aborted. Since there exists a brisk Construction Construction and drove back and forth, and we could not stay there unnoticed. We also detected in passing that some buildings the last time we were able to hold the camera had disappeared. It was there a very stark contrast between past and present. On the one side an 80 year old airfield and on the other hand, the new solar park. After I had worked out the history of the airfield, I was annoyed that I had not already rather learn from him, so that I might have more buildings with pictures can hold before they disappear forever.
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