The former pasta factory in Zeitz

The large modern factory ruin in Paul Rohland street in Zeitz, was established in 1888 as Kindernährzwieback- and Teigwarenfabik from Zeitz producer Max Emmerling. In the rotgeklingerten factory building then all egg pasta were manufactured and produced. It is regarded as the first and oldest Zeitz pasta factory. The hallmark of the Max Emmerling the "windmill" was to be found in any of its products again and depends still visible as a name character at the current factory ruins. The products such as macaroni, spaghetti and also the children biscuits were sold under the "Elite" brand. The most famous product among them were the "Emmer Linge" Kindernährzwieback. From 1992, after the end of the GDR and the pasta factory, the buildings were used in the new plant of street Senkbeil`s "Back Paradis". The Fabrikebäude in Paul Rohland road were used by 1993 as a furniture store. Then in 1994 came the company added ears gold and was a provider and supplier of pasta goods. Later, the factory buildings were still used as a youth center and housing. It has become lonely and empty to the once popular pasta factory. The verlassenn buildings are dilapidated and become ruins.
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