The old liquor factory in Altenburg


What today seems long forgotten, was the origin of today's second largest spirits producer in Thuringia. The now well-known "Altenburger Distillery & Liquerfabrik" was founded in 1948 as VEB Altenburger liquor factory and produced in a backyard of today's old town of Altenburg. Long before the establishment of this company spirits produced in Altenburg and the "Altenburger Clear" was known far beyond the borders of Thürigen in GDR times. As the company grew steadily and production steadily grew, the company moved in 1955 into Altenburger Schützenhaus, "Am Anger", where they produced still successful even today. The former site and the buildings standing on it fell into oblivion and decay. Through good trade relations ensured the high export share, resulted in GDR times to good sales and numerous awards. But like many other companies, threatened the Altenburger Likörfabrik after the collapse of the GDR the insolvency. In 1990, the operation went to the trust company and in 1991 it was acquired by four senior staff of the company, but by eliminating the export opportunities, declining demand in the region in the products and inadequate modernization threatened the company to shut down. In 1996, the Westphalian R.Heydt Kornbrennerei & Spirits GmbH & Co. KG took over Altenburger liquor factory and saved them so that before the impending doom. With a new name, ineligenter corporate strategy and comprehensive modernization, the company fought back successfully up and mitlerweile offers more than 100 products. Among the traditional products annually redesigned creations are added. Also in September findene annually brandy festival is very popular among the citizens in the Skatstadt Altenburg.
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