The old Wolfsmühle in Tröglitz


In the small settlement in the road "After Wolfsmühle" Tröglitz, leads a small inconspicuous way to a behind flowering trees and shrubs, hidden small ruin. The former Wolfsmühle. With the still remaining groups, one can imagine the old mill still imagine. Also, the walk along the old road to see everywhere remains of former buildings. Remains of walls, half-closed entrances to the former cellars, suggestive steps to former stairs and zuerahnende once blossoming gardens. Residents of the small village describe the old Wolfsmühle with large stables and chic interior courtyard. good decade ago was now. Gorgeous October festivals were celebrated on the lush green lawns around the Wolfsmühle. Today the stables, and the courtyard have disappeared and the large mill has disintegrated. When being climbing, over fallen walls and walls, can still be individual rooms clearly visible yet. Glassless windows and suggestive formerly existing doors give the whole a ghostly background. It acts as would the old Wolfsmühle give not defeated despite all conditions.
All photos for Old Mill wolf there in the New Black lights book "Lost Places, time travel". Available from July 2016 under www.katrins-bü
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