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The confusing history of the Holy Land
Was Holy Land (in German. "Holy Land") is a 7.3 hour major amusement park in Waterbury, Connecticut, inspired by selected passages from the Bible. The park consists of a chapel, Stations of the Cross and Pepliken of catacombs and Israelite villages made of concrete blocks. 1984, the park was closed to the public, but his reasons were preserved even after closure. Holy Land was constructed by an evangelistic lawyer named John Baptist Creco. He founded a Roman Catholic organization of volunteers, they were the companions called Christ, with the aim of creating an attraction should replicate the Bethlehem and Jerusalem from the biblical period. 1955 was the start of construction of the Holy Land. Among the attractions included on the site of the Garden of Eden for recreation, a diorama "Daniel in the Lion's Den", and several replicas of the life and work of Jesus. The heart was a 56-foot cross and a lighted sign with the words "Holy Land USA". In the 1960s and 1970s, the park attracted 40,000 visitors annually. 1984 had Creco plans to improve and expand the park, but died in 1986 at the age of 91 years Creco and the work remained unfinished. Holy Land went according to his will in the Filippini Sisters. Bob Chinn, Chairman of the Holy Land USA, recalled in a 2001 interview with The New York Times on the reasons for the Creco mission. He said Creco was a very spiritual person and he wanted to do with Holy Land something for the people. Community, no racial or religious or color differences should be separated. He wanted to create a place where all people can sit together peacefully together !. 1984 closed its doors and the park has thus lost all the buildings and Holy Land became a ghost Park. The site Road Site, America has made to Holy Land attention with its coverage of unusual attractions, even with the warning eden Note the visitors with caution and a current tetanus shot should visit the deserted park, as many attractions and statues were destroyed on the premises or have lapsed. Since 2009, the Waterbury Convention Bureau and Visitores region gets more than 150 calls per year, in response to the site. It stood for Depatte that should be preserved as a folk art of the park and there were numerous failed attempts to Holy Land restore, including the involvement of the "Knights of Columbus" in 2000. The sisters Filippi was accused that they would oppose the restoration efforts, but these were just afraid that you could sue on liability for damage due to the large decline of the park. The sisters hold weekly prayer meeting on the site from time to devote the holy hours on Sunday of the Virgin of Revelation. The sisters say the statue of the Madonna in the chapel of the Holy Land is one of three that had been commissioned by Pope John Paul II. In order. But if it is true, no one knows. Despite several renovation projects, the park has not been restored since the closure. 1997 Fixed a group of scouts, the illuminated "Holy Land USA" character as part of a community service project, and in 2008 the original 56-foot cross was replaced by a 50-foot cross made of stainless steel, which at a solemn Zeromonie of Archbishop Henry J. Mansell was dedicated. On 20 June 2013, the Mayor Neil O'Leary and the car dealer Fred Blaise of the Sisters Filippini bought for 350,000 Doller Holy Land. Despite all attempts to revive Holy Land remains the Park a ghost town and falls more and more. It is a fascinating and terrifying wonder of Vernachlässung to equal, a mini-Bethlehem, creepy tunnel, impenetrable tangled gardens and blasted buildings with stories of gang killings and a mysterious order of nuns.
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