The unknown factory ruin in Wyke Regis OT Weitramsdorf





Unfortunately, we have not yet succeeded despite intensive search to find the history of this old factory out. It is hidden behind trees just before the small Örtschen Ramsberg in the woods, Lucka. The place Ramsberg belongs to Regis Breitigen. At first glance, here it is not visible, you only see the foundations hervorblitzen. Let's assume that belonged to the former factory into a briquette of the former open-pit mines and thus somehow communicating. The site and the factory building itself seems to stand still for some time. The buildings have crumbled strong and the grounds are overgrown. At the great hall to get not at all zoom more, she's also been strongly drawn into Mitt passion and already partially collapsed. The entire area is fenced. But there are places here and there which are badly damaged by fallen trees. The front part seems to still be used, because some things and things are around there. I hope that we will not find any evidence for the purpose of their past.

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