The old Ausflugslokal Thiergartenhof in Zeitz


Today ruins of Ausflugslokal Tiergartenhof in Elster suburb in Zeitz, looks back on a bicentennial history and tradition. The building of today's Tiergarten Court was built 1910th Architect at that time was Mr. Otto Rudolph. The previously seasoned there Tiergartenhof, built around 1800, was removed for the new building, because it was no longer cope with the growing influx of visitors due to its size. Just one year after the start of construction of new Tiergartenhof could be opened with a concert in the garden of the premises at Pentecost in the year 1911th The yard and house supplier was the Dessauer Schultheiss brewery. The standing directly next to the stadium Thalmann Tiergartenhof just moved in the summer to many stadium visitors and also the nearby Elster with Boat and ferry was very popular with many guests of the restaurant. During World War I the Ausflugslokal was used as a hospital. Until shortly before the Second World War a lot of concerts and regular events took place in Tiergartenhof. The Tiergartenhof served in World War II on Foreign Workers as accommodation. After 1945 the building was used as a trade school and then from VEB energy supply as a cultural center. After the Tiergartenhof passed into the hands of the VEB Zeitz hydrogenation plant. end of the 1980s were invested circa 1 million marks to preserve the Tiergarten court. In 1990, the Treuhandanstalt urged the newly established Hydrierwerk GmbH to Tiergartenhof he deliver ibid not belonging to the production facility was and thus he was transferred to the town of Zeitz free. The Altenburger Brauerei tried with newly purchased, catering facility, the local new zubeleben and the idea was to deliver the building as a club house on the athletes there. But all attempts failed. By 2008, the Tiergartenhof was still occasionally used for parties or dances. Since then it has become quiet around the "Tiergartenhof Schultheiss". Since it came in Zeitz lately repeatedly unexplained fires, the surrounding residents are afraid Branstiftung in old Tiergartenhof. The desire of the city Zeitz it would be past successes of the Tiergarten court to return again and to awaken him to life again.
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