The underwater ghost town of Villa Epecuén and history of the decline

Villa Epecuén was founded on January 23, 1921. The city was an Argentine tourist town about 600 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires in the province of Buenos Aires. The place was at the nearby Lake Epecuen, hence the name of the city. Epecuen Lake is a lake has its water after the Dead Sea, the second highest salt content in the world. The lake was also the basis for the economic development of the city. The salt should be first obtained and made available as a product. But soon, as parallel spoke about what a therapeutic effect had the water, the city flourished touristy. Obtained by the Health Tourism Hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities were built. The city received a direct rail service to Buenos Aires. There were in Villa Epecuén about 2000 inhabitants and 5,000 guests were added. The city was booming, but in 1985, everything changed. The water level of the lake rose due to unusually heavy rainfall over several weeks steadily since he only had a small, poorly maintained drainage. On November 10, 1985, occurred the accident, the Lehmdämme at Villa Epecuén broke simultaneously in several places and the city was flooded. Within a few hours the city sank beneath the waves. The residents had no chance against these huge masses of water and had to give up their city. A reconstruction was impossible because of the flood and thus damages done. Villa Epecuén was 25 years for underwater ghost town in the Lake Epecuen. In 2009, the water passed through regional poverty rain slowly back and gave the former residents after 25 long years back their city. Devastated, but simultaneously also as a snapshot of the day of their destruction. Due to the high salinity of the lake many things remained. Visitors can enjoy a sight like in a horror film or unreal world. Old streets encrusted with salt dip here and there out of the water of life vehicles, toys, furniture and rusty billboards appear as if from nowhere. Even the trees look as if they were awakened after a long time out of a deep sleep. Coated with salt ruins offer a surreal image. Anyone know why nature has taken the city 25 years ago, maybe they wanted to show us so that they can defend themselves. People should think at the sight of the present town Villa Epecuén about what nature gives us everything and provides expecting anything without a quid pro quo. The only thing you want is that we learn to live with it and not against you, because in the end we are despite all our science and technology, the loser!
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