Castle ruins Thierenbach





Thierenbach is a district of the city Kitzscher. Incorporated was the small town at 01 August 1973, he has 261 inhabitants. Leipzig is located approximately 21.5 km south-southeast of Thierenbach away. The castle ruin is situated on the main road in Kitzscher hidden in an open square feral Witschaftshof. The castle was built in the immediate vicinity of the manor Thierenbach 1888 by the family of Auenmüller in neogotischemn style. The castle was two stories high basement. You can still be seen on both sides of the castle far protruding Altanvorbauten. To the castle belonged to the manor Thierenbach, which was mentioned in 1277 with the owner of Heinrich Thierenbach. 1471 joined the manor its owner, it passed into the hands of the family of Kitzscher. 1548 took place the appreciation of the manor to manor. The family of Claußbruch was of 1650 long for nearly a century owners of the manor, who then sold it in 1730 to the family of Zehmen. As of 1773, the manor changed hands several times until 1888, until it finally went to the family of the Auenmüller was then built and the castle. 1941, the castle was once again sold to dioe ASW aspen grove, which used it as residential accommodation for business management. In 1945 the manor was expropriated. The castle remained in the possession of the ASW aspen grove which then used it as housing for evacuees. Meanwhile, stands the castle Thierenbach empty for many years and while the outbuildings are in good condition, the former manor and castle ruins. The roof is no longer available and the corresponding English term parking is wild. The castle consists only of its foundations and is no longer accessible. The area around the former residential buildings is littered and dirty.

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