Craco a ghost town in Italy






Craco is a ghost town and municipality in the province of Matera, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. The old city was abandoned due to natural disasters. Craco has become a popular tourist attraction and filming location for movies. In 2010 it was in the list of the World Monuments Fund. was added. Ca 540 AD the area was called "Montedoro", inhabited by the Greeks, who were moving inland from the coastal town Metadondo. Graves that were found there, indicate the ranges to the 8th century, the original settlement back to it. The name of the city "Graculum" (Latain, translated "little plowed field") can be dated to 1060. So called the city of the owners of the land, Archbishop of Tricarico.Die long-term cooperation of the Church had had great influence on the residents. From 1154 to 1168 the nobleman Eberto founded (wahscheinlich Norman origin), the first feudal control of the city, before he had passed a village. 1179 was Roberto of Pietrapertosa the owner of Craco. Under Frederick II., Was Craco military center, the tower to the prison. In 1276 a university was established in the city. During the 13th century Craco was a fief of Muzio Sforza. The population increased. 1277- 450 inhabitants, 1477- 655 inhabitants, 1532- 1718 inhabitants in 1561 until 2590 inhabitants. and 1500 to coming in the following centuries. In the 15th century, four large squares were developed in the city, the property was Rigorones Palazzo Carbone, Palazzo Simonetti, Palazzo Maronna near the tower and Palazzo Grossi near the big church. 1656 proposed a plague to the city where Hundreds of residents had to die and the number of families decreased. 1799 with the proclamation of the Republick Parthenopean, overthrew the feudal city dwellers, Bourbon and Innocenzo De Cesare returned to Nepal back where he promoted an independent municipality. The Republican Revolution took a few months back and Craco fell under the Bourbon monarchy. Subsequently, the city fell under the control of the Napoleonic occupation. Bandits, supported by the Bourbon government in exile, attacked on July 18, 1807 Craco, there was looting and killing of pro-standard French dignitaries of. 1815, the city was large enough to divide them into two districts: Torrevecchia- the highest field next to the castle with tower and Quarter della Chiesa Madre of the area adjacent to the San Nicola Church. In 1861, after the unification of Italy, the tip Carmine Rocco was of bandits, in Craco conquered. With the end of the Civil War, the city was faced with the greatest difficulty, the geological environment. Due to poor agricultural conditions wandered from 1892 to 1922 over 1300 Crachesi to North America. In 1963 the first due to a landslide to evacuate Craco. Residents were around the valley "Craco Peschiera" moves. Works of Infrastructures, sewer and water systems to have been the cause of the landslide. 1972 a flood deteriorated further the ituation and prevented a possible re-colonization of the old town and after the 1980 earthquake, the ancient site of Craco was completely aufgegen. In 2007, the descendants of immigrants from Craco have "The Craco society" founded in the United States.

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