The Junkyard Kyrkö Mosse in Sweden


Born in 1914 Åke Danielsson put into the bog and woodland Kyrkö Mosse near the village Ryd in the municipality of Tingsryd in Sweden, a junkyard on. He dealt with the auto recovery and left the gutted remains of cars are simply in the woods. Until 1992, he pursued his Autoverwertung there until he moved to the nursing home, and died there at the age of 85 in 1999. The subsequent owners of the land were the requirements to vacate the premises and to clean. As well as the press and television reported on it, the case ended up in the government and this decided the wrecks 2050 to be placed under protection, as the Swedish government recognized the historical value of this cult car remains. Since the site is accessible to everyone and unguarded, it has since become a popular destination for tourists become, unfortunately, cherish not only interest for the surviving vehicles. Theft of historical attachments, vandalism and wanton destruction of car roofs and Motorhaupen are some of the reasons why the under protection by 2050 car wrecks are the time not survive until then. Many are of the opinion that the remains will have by then long since decomposed by itself.
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