The old airfield in Falkenberg / Lönnewitz



The old airfield Lönnewitz is about 4 kilometers south of Falkenberg / Elster. The airfield was opened in 1934. As early as the 1920s, it was used as a civil airport. He was then expanded in the 1930s to the air base for the Air Force. Beginning in 1934, a second gas station added was built and the runway length consisted of 800m grass. 1936 saw the first flight demonstrations with private aircraft by aunter other Hagen Graf castle. From 1937 there was the regular operation of the blind flight school. In the same year, a new airstrip was built of concrete 1.250m. In the years 1944 to 1945, the airfield was used as a proving ground of the Arado aircraft loaded works. The airstrip in 1944 increased to 1,800, built the assembly hangar at Blumenberg and access roads. That same year, KG was the birth of the legendary fighter bomber Arado Ar234 C. The first unit stationed in June 1944 was at the airport Lönnewitz the III. / 76. Other parts of the squadron that flew with the Arado Ar234, followed a month later. In February 1945, the 14th season of the Battle Squadron 55 was stationed at the airfield. In the same year, in March, followed by the 7th season of the Battle Squadron 53 and in April 1945 the 3rd season of Jagdgeschwader 7. The 8th US Air Force bombed the airfield 1944/1945, which he was strongly drawn in mid-life. From 1945, with the acquisition of the Soviet Air Force after the Second World War, the runway was again increased to 3000m x 60m, terminal buildings were built, as well as 40 Flugzeigschelter and 500 apartments in the block of style. The Soviet Air Force used the airfield until 1993 and then handed him over to the German government. In the period from 1945 to 1990, the airfield under the Soviet Air Force was expanded sidewalk. Thus, a flight control center was established in 1958 rebuilt. From 1968 to 1970. 40 aircraft covers AU-11 gebau for added MiG-21 built added and 1988-1990 8 aircraft covers AU-16/3 were for the MiG-29 added into the building but these were left in the raw state and not built over. After the Soviet forces had given the airfield again in German hands, he was back to 1998 with no other use. In 1998, the eastern part of the airfield was sold to a resident company. Since 2000, the eastern runway was restored to 1,500m and a new grass runway was created. Since 2000, the former air base is a special airfield. Since 2012, the airport will also be relocated solar parks. In 2008, the old barracks building was demolished and the hangar is a listed building.

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