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Our next destination is the disused Old Post Office Station in Leipzig-Schönefeld. I honestly did not even know that it exists. When scour of Dr. Google I first encountered him. Since the Leipzig City was once again banned everywhere just because where we wanted to go long, we are still twice drove almost over but we found him but ultimately. From the outside it does not look really interesting and we first walked around the entire area around to find an entrance. Despite efforts to shut off the area with fences, the terrain is unsecured by large obvious gaps, thus we came from behind at the station. I have to say to see an old abandoned train station is definitely something else entirely. If you stand on the old empty platforms comes over a queasy feeling. The mailing Station looks similar as if you were standing on top of the rail system of the central station, just hold plenty of empty and silent. The tracks have been removed, there are no old trains or rail cars around. A little further drive ICE`s past us. The concourse is from the inside empty. Many different stairs will lead you up to the administration area. Before us open long corridors to get from one to the next. Doors are all open to the aisle. In one room the roof has already collapsed. Everywhere we pursue here again graffiti on the walls. Old papers scattered about on the floor. Some passages were blocked with large plates. When you look out the window we see the part of the roof is also burned. It comes from a staircase and through the long corridors of holding from one house to another, so that we could look at everything. In the basement we were, which is applied so similar to the upper floors. An old post office coaches filled with garbage is lonely down there. Having the main building ransacked thoroughly, we looked at the area from the outside still more closely. The rear Rundell, what you do not see more of the rail system was made, apparently the maintenance hangar for the trains. Three large areas with sanitation facilities, workshops and large tracks where trains were then driven in and out and have been waiting for. Seemed to come in to the kaputen windows, the sun was setting everything is still in a special light. Everything looks a bissel from here then as if time has stood still. All rust in front of him, from the walls dripping water everywhere and it stinks of diesel and old oil. When we went again on the way back on the old railway tracks, I had the image of the past once more effect on me before I go back to the real time. I know that in 2014 someone has bought the station and I'm curious what will do with this piece of the past, the new owner.
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