The ruined church in Wachau





Wachau was before 1994 an independent municipality in the east of the county town of Markham. From January 1994 Wachau is a suburb of Markham. The former village Wachau is of Slavic origin. 1813 found near the village instead of heavy fighting the Battle of the Nations, who the village Wachau strongly affected. The small parish church of Wachau is mentioned in 1393 for the first time. By the beginning of the 16th century belonged to the monastery Wachau book at Grimsby. 1540, the Wachau church is called Fillialkirche Probstheidas and from 1580 as Fillialkirche Cröberns. Since 1581 Wachau parish church was the sister of Cröbern. 1860 wanted to solve the sister church relationship with Cröbern the Wachau church, but the church patron and landowner Ferdinant Wilhelm Weinschenk, however, lodged an objection. He was of the opinion that the Church despite considerable fortune the costs without the community could not meet in Wachau. He also gave also to consider a much higher payment. Since the small parish church was badly damaged by the Battle of the Nations, it was demolished and the building of a new church was decided. 1865 a larger church was (now ruined) built in neo-gothic style. The Church of inspection granted 20,000 dollars from the church property for the new building. The architect was derived from Leipzig Konstantin Lipsius. After completion of all works of construction of the church cost a total of 49,000 dollars. 1867, the new church was inaugurated. The Wachau Church had with 65 meters the tallest tower in the Leipzig area. Until 1972, when Cröbern the lignite mine fell victim remained Wachau bound to Cröbern. No sooner had the church built and inaugurated overtook them in the same year as the first of many lined up at each other fates. With hurricane-force storms rushed down all four corner towers. The Second World War brought a the Wachau Church. First they had to give their bronze bells at the German armaments industry and 1943 exploded during a heavy air attack a British air mine on the grounds of the lands adjoining manor. The blast tore holes in the church roof and zerstörrte several stained glass windows. 1945 zerstörrten American firebombing the tower and the sacristy. Send to a reorganization after the war was due to lack of economy in the GDR, their anti-clerical attitude, lack of money for the repair of war damage and the planned resettling by, lignite, not to think. The changes in 1989 prevented the scheduled resettling of Wachau. Due to the lack of repairs the damaged church was destroyed it by wind and rain continued. 1974 struck during a heavy thunderstorm lightning struck the tower one, which had to be subsequently demolished because of the risk of collapse in 1975. What remains is a covered stump. As the debris was then simply poured onto the roof of the nave, this eventually collapsed under the strain. This gargoyle, decorative figures and foliage were lost forever. The only thing is to remain intact despite the damage Zerstörrungen and destinies, is the old clock. The oldest and smallest bell of 1465 heralds today. Since 1989, the church ruin is a listed building. Thanks to grants and donations succeeded the congregation to vacate the nave. In 1995 the ruins were secured. The altar and baptismal font were renovated. In 1997, the Wachau church was inaugurated with a church again. In the Wachau church life is recovered. The Wachau try recieve their church. Also, since 1956, find the first time in the romantic weddings Kirchruine instead.

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