The Forgotten Zeitz cable railway

the Zeitz cable railway was built in March 1877 in the younger part of the town of Zeitz, the so called "Upper Town". After only five months of construction, the web was ready in July. 1877 Builder and draftsman was Eduart Tretrop. The considerable growth of the industry in Zeitz late 19th century and the geographical location, the considerable slope of the mountain Wendische, the cable railway of "upper" -and was to connect the two parts of Zeitz, "Undercity" built to the people and then horse-drawn carts to facilitate overcoming the slope. The ride lasted circa three minutes and the crawler system then consisted in a gravel bedded, interlocking double track which comes apart in the middle and the cable railway was driven by a double boiler with a twin carrier with 22 hp. In 1888, the owners and holders of metal goods factory in Zeitz, Carl Bescherer took over the car and drove them to his own steam engine. Over the years there were repeated serious accidents that had, among others, ended fatally. In GDR times, in 1950, the cable railway went into the hands of the town Zeitz. Nine years later, in 1959, she had her last trip and was shut down. A year later, the entire facility was dismantled. After the disused factory was used as a recreational facility for science education of students of the polytechnic high school, "Station of young naturalists and technicians Zeitz Richard tear Ling". Since the end of the GDR, the object is empty. In 2014 an association "Historic funicular e.V." has been founded, whose aim is the reconstruction of the plant in Zeitz.
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