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Our personal visits Report

When we were on our way back from our tour of the unknown old factory in the Limburgerstraße much us the beautiful factory with its magnificent Ecktürmschen on the left side towards the city center on the Zschocherschenstraße eye. As a child I always thought it was here around the old castle acted because of their tower. These beautiful ornaments are rarely seen at a factory. Since we were just visiting fever in anyway we took at the factory and visited them. A fence that had seen better days and really should keep uninvited guests were scattered around so we arrived without any problems on site. The patio looks like a huge hall with columns and a not so dense glass roof. Seen from above, they looked even more monstrous. Many floors are already bagged and you have to really look closely if you are not involuntarily, looking for a floor down again. Many levels of which are so invaded the up large holes have formed. In every room you can see down to the ground. Otherwise everything no old machines or whatever else is out of here. Most of the windows are broken or boarded up. From the walls dripping water and we did not seem to be well on the day the only visitors. But as much as we tried to put a face to the voice, somehow they were always right there where we came from. In one room, which was apparently once the plumbing, everything was smashed. Everywhere large puddles have formed. In the adjoining small boiler room rusted two stoves to himself. The smaller house on the front of the Zschocherchenstraße was probably once a house that belonged to two residential areas had different inputs. Again, we welcomed everywhere graffiti from the walls. The rooms were very small and the doors it felt like a hobbit. I am with my 1.56 m not really big but I felt like a giant. In all, I must say that this factory has, despite its decline not lost their charm and she stands there with a certain pride and I always find it a shame that such buildings have co-written the history of our easy straight into oblivion. They are seen as eyesore and it is waiting for the fall sometime in together and just disappear.
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