The abandoned "Villa World Peace"


In the middle of Zeitz, hiding behind green flowering trees and shrubs, is the proud and imposing "Villa Steineck", or more commonly known under the name "Villa World Peace". Was built the huge mansion in 1900 in Baroque style by Richard Neather, son of Ernst Albert Neather, founder of VEB Zekiwa, he lived until his death in 1930 in the family villa. In 1946 the factory owner's villa of Neather family was expropriated. After the expropriation, in the GDR era, the Neather villa for Kulturhaus world peace was. On a Wohnfläsche of 1,800 square meters were located at the time many premises for celebration, among others a bar, a hunter's room and a restaurant with hall where dances and feasts were organized. The 39,000 square meter park surrounds the Villa World Peace completely, there took place at that time in good weather residential district festivals, Sing separating and camping exhibitions. In 1990, after the turn, the Villa World Peace was led back to the Erbgemeinschaft. 20 years later, in 2010, the now dilapidated mansion was auctioned for 15,000 euros and since 2013 it is offered for EUR 1,000,000 to purchase. Different information also imply an eventual demolition of the former factory owner's villa Neather where space for new homes would be created. The Zeitz dwellers depend on the former mansion world peace and it lives on in their memories and continue. Through an organization "Action against forgetting the unique history of the house Steineck / Villa World Peace", together with the Municipal Archives Zeitz, the Secondary 3 Zeitz and former Richard Neather Jugendheim (now "House of Youth") letter cards, photos, memories, stories and everything to do with the Villa has collected to make them memorable. Whether 115-year old mansion can still be saved, looking exactly as no. Yet she stands there, although dilapidated and destroyed, still proudly of earlier times, dreamy and a bit of a sleepy Dornrösschenschloss when she was waiting to be woken up again at some point of laughing and happily celebrating people.
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