The Forgotten Busludja Memorial



The huge thinking of a UFO Bulgarian monument was built in 1971-1981. The former architect but questionable monument was Georg Stoilow. The official name of this huge ruin is "Home monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party" and the building, there were only the best building materials used, the party then cost 14 million leva. When you consider that about that time the monthly 130 leva, the average salary of a Bulgariers. Was erected a monument on the site of the battle of 1868 the Bulgarian uprisings among the rebel leaders Hadji Dimitar against Turkish-Ottoman foreign rulers. Since the end of the fight is celebrated every year a commemoration of the death of the fallen freedom fighters. 1891 was exactly at this time of Busludscha-Konkress the at that time still heise ends "Social Democratic Workers' Party of Bulgaria", instead. This Konkress 1891 a group Socialists was founded under the leadership of Dimitar Blagoev, the planned exactly at this location, the socialist future of the country Bulgaria. Dimitar Blagoev was also the founder of the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Bulgaria, but then in "Bulgarian Communist Party" renamed itself. Exactly these two important points of history are the reason for the choice of location of the monument on the mountain named "Hadji Dimitar" named after the rebel leader. The mountain, the center lying in the Balkan Mountains, is 1441m high and was called until 1942 "Busludscha". Locals call this mountain still under this name. The nearest town of Kazanlak is located about 15 kilometers from the Bulgarian monument in the Balkans summit. Originally, the reason of the erection of the monument to honor the socialist movement in Bulgaria and to remember the founding of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party late 19th century. But a few years after the inauguration of the monument 1981 1300 anniversary of the Bulgarian state was founded, there was a split in the party. The party was then newly renamed "Socialist Party". Every year this party organized a so-called party meeting at this monument. For buses with party funds are specially funded by the interesierten over thousands visitors to go to the cult object. The reasons people are coming here different nature. Some take a nostalgic trip back in time to, for others it is an exotic experience ever and others are keen walkers. Even if the "Busludja Memorial" was named with the title "One of the best and strangest forsaken places in the world", the condition deteriorated since the collapse of the socialist regiment in 1989 zusehens. The biggest ideologically motivated monument of the country Bulgaria has become by the lack of interest of those responsible for the victims of vandalism and wanton Zerstörrung. The main entrance remains closed and the huge mosaics were, where their eyes were gouged out, ruined. The former ballroom with a diameter of 40 meters and a 70 meter high column is now neglected and forfeited. The column should the flag with the red star with the monument symbolize the round building as a wreath. From the former glory is not much left. Make the many years of oblivion not stop at a former built with pride monument.

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