The disused railway depot in Eilenburg



Eilenburg is a large district town in the state of Saxony and is assigned to the Nordsachsen. The 961 AD. first mentioned in documents city has circa 15 487 inhabitants and consists of three districts and six districts, which is a Hainichen. The name is of Slavic origin Eilenburg. The city of Leipzig is located circa 20 km north-east of Eilenburg and is easily accessible via the main road 87. The former depot Eilenburg is located in Regional Division East and was opened in 1871 and set up until 1926. It was at that time under the category 4 station at Deutsche Bahn. The independent agency were under the Lokbahnhöfe in Torgau and Schildau. The Lokbahnhof in Wurzen was added in 1964. Over time, the depot in Eilenburg gained considerable importance in passenger and freight traffic. Marshalling included the operation of the terminals of the station Eilenburg-East, Eilenburger chemical plant and the Dermatoidwerk. The for Bahnbetriebswerk associated roundhouse had 12 tracks, four of the workshop belonged. 350 people employed the depot Eilenburg and the three associated branches, of which 90 employees at the plant Eilenburg were employed. The staff were employed in the administration, Lokfahrdienst who Lokunterhaltung, in the maintenance of technical Alagen and the steady staff. 16 to 18 locomotives of the series 38,5280,5572 and 94 came for the operation in depot Eilenburg used. The first diesel locomotives of the DR series V100 and V60 were recorded in the middle of the 1960s in the service. Three more locomotives of the DR series V200 followed a few years later. These new diesel locomotives came off gradually the steam locomotives. After the railway line Halle (Saale) - Eilenburg was electrified, and electric locomotives of series 211,242,243 and 250 were used. Since the depot was closed in 1969 Eilenburg, it was no longer of this change. In 1995, the hub and the slag Elevator were expanded and the two accompanying water towers were shut down. The changing rooms and the associated social section were still in use until 1999.

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