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Hospital Leipzig-doze

Personal visitors report
Our entrepreneurial spirit leads us to the former psychiatric Leipzig-doze. After I had worked out the history of the hospital, which I was very moved because of the crimes took place during World War II there, and we had to look at this hospital even closer. A part of the site is so that no entry was fenced off possible. The left side of the site is freely accessible and the beautiful weather that day thought anscheinen other as we are. The buildings have a similar style as those in the Beehlitzer treatment centers, only that the terrain was clearer and smaller and the building were also smaller. Nevertheless, it is very beautiful well-preserved building, with old wooden balconies, many adornments and beautiful old stairs with railings verziehrten. All houses, except one, are boarded up. The kaputen basement windows were replaced with iron bars. The only building we could also look at from the inside, the greatest thing was right in the middle of the site. Inside the cellar it was pitch dark without a flashlight and the purest Stolperfalle with extinguishers in the ground and hanging cables. The first floor showed us a series of long corridors, doors as far as the eye could see, kapute sanitation, everywhere hang the old wallpaper off the walls and broken windows everywhere. Even if the scary history can go through your head when run through. The very many of the same size arranged small spaces with the cold flow have on the walls. Then this lonely hospital bed frame so the middle of the hallway. Everywhere we also watched graffiti art on the walls. Quiet and thoughtful something we walked through the many empty long corridors, right and left many open doors. Ahead of us the word emergency room on the wall. In the head of the pictures of it all was that time when the hospital was still in operation. As doctors have Kittel rushed through the corridors. small, large, young and old patients in the cold rooms tarried, they made their therapies or perceived other studies. I must say it was so interesting we were glad when we were back out of the building. It is also hard to imagine, and yet there is a fenced area on the two buildings of the former hospital which have already been renovated and were converted into apartments. One at the input and one just across the street from where we were the drinne. They are also both of them fully occupied. I do not know but when I think I am me there on my balcony, sitting or celebrate or just want to enjoy the "view" and the right and left me this hollow-eyed stare at empty building day and night. I think just at night, this place is definitely not for the fainthearted.
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