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The old brewery Lützschena


our personal visitors report
Today's excursion takes us in January 2015 the old brewery star castle in Leipzig Lützschena. I always wanted to me when I was younger, look at this huge factory closer. In my "teenage years" I've run almost every day over there, in the dark. The rattling doors and windows and the ghostly hollow-eyed big empty buildings have stopped me. I just could not believe the grounds. For 15 years I have not thought of the old brewery until I found it on the internet when recherschieren back into the eye. Our team sat in the car and off we went in the direction Lützschena. The brewery is completely fenced, except on the main road, as many visitors had already been running a trail in front of us. The area is a mess. It can be seen in every corner garbage collapsed and the walls had collapsed, broken glass littering the floor, an overturned tower, deep extinguisher, bent and rusted doors, burned and collapsed roofs. Everywhere there are old car tires, spray cans, washing machines and other debris around. We have undertaken each building individually and I think the pictures speak for themselves. The brewery forfeited for decades and you can see the traces of time. The large halls are a feast for the eyes, but also the many winding corridors and many small rooms. Everywhere there was something new to discover. In the one building the floor was missing, would have me, my team mate not held in time I would have gone without a floor on. In some buildings, it felt like the ceiling would fall at any time forward to the opf. in another building, I was unexpectedly knee-deep in a dark hole in the ground, or rather I told stumbled into it, well how it is when the enthusiasm with one goes through. Again, we pursued gigantic graffiti wall-to-wall. In the other building as a storage facility was built with old mattresses, blankets and dirty clothes, which caused us a little bit of skin completely. I believe in the night none of us want to be here. About two hours we have every building, every gear, every staircase, every hall and all the doors open explored. We have seen countless rooms are just escaped so many extinguishers, have very nice impressions gained, had a good chance and went on an adventure to go home.
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