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The former amusement park in Berlin



personal experience report:

Our next exciting trip takes us to the disused former amusement park on the river Spree in Berlin. Even from a wide we saw the large and imposing Ferris wheel in the trees. Desdo closer we got the more we could see from the rest of it is gebieben left. The park is entirely surrounded by a high bridle and video surveillance. There was no coming in, other visitors, some of whom had come a long way just for this park to yourself, tell us enttäucht that you could look at it from the outside. At the closed entrance we saw a small train that chugged softly and shone a light of the old small house, we thought that there certainly made a film. To not have come in vain, our team went on to at least outside the park zuerkunden and we ran, like many others, a complete lap around the park. Eingestürte rides, broken drive cars overturned swan boats, lots of trash and debris and a small verostete rail that ran through the park, which was the insight that offered by our tour. Arrived back at the entrance of the entrance was not closed but invited and into the park. Every Saturday and Sunday opens its doors to the park visitors the opportunity to give the park through a small tour with the Eißenbahn gather insights or by a begleidete tour through the park. In a small fenced area where visitors can move freely allowed, coffee and homemade cakes are offered as well as in the old Tassenkarusell you can put into it. It is a memorable moment when you come to this park and imagines how the children have previously laughed there, the Ferris wheel stands as a memorial, as if to say it, do not forget us, nor will we be there and we would like to tell our story , Nature gets gradually slow their territory back. Vielles what is not broken or destroyed or decayed, is overgrown and overgrown. It is a depressing and happy feeling to the same when you look at this park. The little train "Santa Fe Express" drove our team and many other large and small inter-interested visitors through the park. The glimpse we had won our tour, enlarged now. We drove past the old roller coaster over, at the former theater that looked from the outside like a giant balloon, to little swan boats everywhere were these little cars around with the faces, half overgrown. The train and led over a small bridge at the western village over what looked like a small ghost town. At dilapidated houses. I do not know at exactly how long we went, maybe 20 minutes. Once again we said goodbye at the entrance and thoughts of the disused amusement park because no one knows how long he for us, posterity, eralten remains.
History of the Spree Plänterwald
The amusement park was opened in 1969 as a cultural Plänterwald. The Total betraff 29.5 hectares. The site is located in the north of Plänterwald right next to the river Spree. He was the only permanent amusement park in the GDR and after the turn of the only total Berlin. The presentation of the theme park was kept simple. A very large part of the plant occupied an asphalt surface, were placed on the rides and stalls permanently. There were also park-like landscaped areas and fixed function building for music venues, restaurants and sanitation. A special attraction was the ferris wheel 1989 or renewed, and projects with gondolas 36 and 45 meters in height. In GDR times up to 1.7 million visitors annually. During 1990-2001, was the theme park Spreepark Berlin. The state-owned VEB Culture Park Berlin was settled in 1991 by the Joint Magistrate of Berlin. Of altogether seven candidates the Spree Park Berlin GmbH was awarded the contract. Under the Spreepark GmbH developed a number of new attractions and it was achieved attendance of 1.5 million people. Later, the park was gradually transformed into a theme park on the western model and were guests of the existing only from 1987 to 1991 Park Mirapolis übernommen.Von now became a standard admission price, Adults 29DM, children 27DM, required for admission and for all attractions , Before an individual fare on each individual ride was collected during fights. The paved area around the Ferris wheel was broken and a new landscape water was added. Furthermore, two new roller coasters (one with Loppings), two wild water slides, a stage for shows, a western village and an English village were added. In 1997, a leasehold contract was concluded between the Spree Park GmbH and Land Berlin. Had the property built in 1997 value of eight to ten million euros. In 1999, the park with large debts to fight that are out back on a visitor burglary. (2001 were only 400,000 visitors). Lack of parking and ticket prices too high the reason why the number of visitors were declined. In 2001, the whitewater course "Wild River" was dipped against the ride "Flic Flac" with a Schaustellerbetrieb from Münzter. 2001 reported the Spreepark GmbH & Co.KG insolvency. Since 2002, the theme park was not permanently open to visitors. Since neglected the area.
For more information or any plans or any opening times for sightseeing, visit the Facebook page of the Spree Plänterwald or on Wikipedia.
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