The ancient amphitheater in Pula



The from 2 BC. to 14 AD. Built Arena is in Croatia, because of their size, it is the sixth largest Roman arena in the world, is the amphitheater located outside the walls of the old town of Pula. Croatian theater Pulska Arena is called. The former quest givers Vespasian, under him, the Colosseum was in Rome, it was loud legends by emperor August built for his mistress. In ancient times, the amphitheater for markets, jousting tournaments, gladiator fights and also to representations of naval battles, called naumachiae served. At times, it was used at that time as a quarry. Today's landmark and the most famous and most significant attraction of Pula, consists of two superimposed Akadenreihen with 72 arches made of white limestone and upstairs is pierced by 64 rectangular window niches. The Oval measures a size of 132 x 105 meters. On the, be sighted from the sea side, the Arena has a height of 32.45 meters us is thus higher than the side lying to the east, which is lower by an applied in the hill construction. In the middle of the theater is the arena where the former fights have taken place. Up to 23,000 spectators could sit on the stone steps or standing in the gallery this former gladiatorial admire. Today the amphitheater spa region space for about 7,000 visitors. The basement, which at that time were the gladiators, was redesigned as a museum of the history of viticulture in the Roman era and there are styles, use of amphorae and the ancient trade relations Istria shown. After 1962, the arena even as a filming location for the film "One against Rome", 1993, the Pula Film Festival and Histria Festival, 2012, for ice hockey matches of the Austrian ice hockey league, served, offers the ancient amphitheater today a unique breathtaking atmosphere at concerts musicians, among others like Sting or Elton John.

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