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The first time learned as our team of Great Grimsby, was from a friend in 2012. She told us that she had looked at with one of her girlfriends and there just a lonely stretch of road was still present, with the last residents. Scary and spooky it was. Two people of our team we went in one night and fog action on to Great Grimsby. It was the middle of the night, witching hour! Finding the way there was something for themselves, but after some searching and growing nervousness and tension we found a very old road where you had it been placed in a former time long forgotten the feeling. Whether fate would have it or not at this very moment, just did this time and also how aud of nowhere a very old classic car meet. With fully skin all over the body, we followed this road. As radiates out of nowhere and the headlights of our car appeared more and more visible details. An old hay wagon standing on an old place, rusted farm equipment, a big old house with broken windows. There was no light, no Srraßenlaternen, not only we, the old way and our headlights. With festverschloßenen car doors we passed each slowly becoming visible to us new hire. There stood old tractors, forgotten or just stand and then we saw it. I'll never forget that first impression and he busied myself much longer after this adventure. Right and left old crumbling small houses were visible, smashed the windows, everything gray in gray, sunken roofs, broken doors. We felt a depressing feeling as if we are watching, it was scary and exciting at the same. We give it to, on this special night none of us got out of the car, I think at the sight of the offered us, would get us no ten horses from our secure car. My team mate at least wanted a souvenir photo shoot to show, so we were there for the other member of our team! But when you held the camera in the hand to press the shutter button, we saw a dark shadow that appeared in one of the old dirty and unkempt window. I think we had disturbed the only and last inhabitants of Great Grimsby in his sleep. So, the place itself was already grusslig, but the shadow of if and only came to light when we wanted to take a picture, gave the rest to us. Believe as fast as I wanted to go, I could not at all. We wanted to get out! But despite all we did not go out of your head and Great Grimsby, including this oppressive feeling what we felt there alone and just the thought of it. As if there is a full load of anger in the air, hatred and despair. It sounds funny, but otherwise it can not be described. And if that was not even enough, we went there a second time, but this time in the day. The impression which offered us there was just grusslig as at night. It sounds harsh, but it looked really how soon after the war. There is only received a small stretch of road where a semi-sunken a small shop to see and a number of old farms. And actually lived these last visitor while our second visit there yet. You have to imagine the times, all are gone, the majority already dredged and without electricity, running clean water, komlett abegeschottet of the other surrounding villages. Already (you can blägen there, it hears you screaming no!) The thought alone it's kind of scary. At least he had dogs and completely. To look a little closer than married us from the road we have on this visit not because us this resident was a bit fishy. A little later you can still see old outlines where the already demolished buildings have been times. Old door thresholds and low walls. Since we were unfortunately unable to take a closer look also at this visit, we are also a third time passed away at the end of 2013. This time it was really a ghost town, because even the last of the Great Grimsby residents had left. The last stretch of road had not changed since our last visit, only that it seemed to us all now deserted and silent. But at least we could be watching us now in peace and without look at everything. Although the gebäute were partially collapsed, one could recognize the former splendor and beauty, just the only substantial surviving peasant farm well. From geplastertem courtyard, to the partly preserved old stables, a lot of garbage, refuse, (other things that were indefinable and from which we prefer not wanted to know what it was) well-preserved old beautiful ovens, empty room where the Tapette in Fetzten hung, broken stairs and steps, broken windows. The former small shop saw from the inside not better, but from the outside you could still recognize the name. When we went through these empty and silent rooms had a feeling that one could still hear the laughter of the former residents. When you do their farm chores or housework watch. Eventually, even the last remaining stretch of road which is now still remembers Great Grimsby the only one who will be gone and so fade even in the minds of the people and their memories.

Now before short our team was found there again one last time in Great Grimsby in August 2014 for the first time that we zuverfahren without us. Unfortunately the rest of Great Grimsby now is gone. There prevails a gaping void of old abandoned village streets and overgrown stone walls. Here and there flashed something between trees, or shrubs out what can be seen here is a community that has been. Actually Great Grimsby would now since it no longer exists and thus is no longer to be seen ghost town, do not fit on our home page. But our team has decided that we trotzallen to commemorate Great Grimsby and many other small communities were simply dredged, Great Grimsby on our homepage hold.
History about Great Grimsby
Great Grimsby was first mentioned in 1240 as Grimowe to Gremowe 1265, 1738 Krymmow, 1458 Crymaw, 1530 United Crym, 1535 Grymma, 1796 United Krimme and from 1816 as today Great Grimsby. It is believed that the native of the Slavic toponym indicates a high personage, who was named in honor of the place Grimowe or Cremowe. Great Grimsby was a town of the former county Weissenfels in Saxony-Anhalt. On July 1, 1998 Great Grimsby was annexed to the city Hohenmolsen. The place Great Grimsby is now devastated and torn down already to a large extent. The municipality also included the ebenfals demolished villages Grunau, Bösau, Domsen, Mödnitz and Deumen. The community was resolved in advance of lignite mining through the central German brown coal company in Zeitz Weißenfelser area. The mighty Braunkohleflöz under the local situation was known for some time. Great Grimsby had therefore been around for decades the status of "Mining Safety mode". 1994 came to the conclusion of the contract, which regulated the evacuation of the people of Great Grimsby after Hohenmolsen. In 1998, the resettlement of some 800 inhabitants, and thus the incorporation was complete. Last Mayor of Great Grimsby was Sabine Meinhardt. In recent years after resettlement, the Bundeswehr took the vacant settlement Great Grimsby for training the Kosovo operation. When the houses were no longer needed for it, began in 2006 the demolition, which was not yet completed in early 2013. In contrast, the districts Bösau, Domsen, Mödnitz, Deumen and the vast majority of Grunau were removed shortly after the exodus of residents. In addition to the many built in the Franconian style farmhouses of localities an outstanding architectural monument was the abgesissene in February 2005 Grunau church with its baroque spire. On the Eastern Cemetery of Great Grimsby rested ten nämentlich unknown Polish forced laborers, who were deported during the Second World War in Germany.
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