The missing brewery Oettler


In the industrial town of Zeitz center developed the 19th century numerous breweries, the best-known and most significant among them was the Oettler brewery. This was founded in 1858 by R. Hermann and acquired in 1866 by Friedrich Oettler. In addition to the famous beers presented the Oettler brewery also produces a wide variety of mineral waters and produced incidentally ice. Until the expropriation, in 1972, brewing, the brewery in its own family tradition successfully the popular Zeitz beer. After the expropriation and conversion VEB Brauerei Zeitz was connected to the VEB Kombinat drinks Dessau in 1978th Shortly after the turn of the over 100 year-old brewery was shut down because the buildings and machinery were in a decaying state over the past decades. The Waldschmidt brewery in Wetzlar brewed until 1992 nor the Zeitz beer and continue the Engelbräu G.Fach KG in Crailshaim took over for a short time further production of Zeitz beer. The listed building has now been demolished brewery due to the poor condition and the risk of collapse. Today there is a large public parking. From influence and work of Friedrich Oettler`s is only his former Fabrikanntenvilla, marked with the Oettler Crest "vat with a stirrer and the Gerst dieting", left.
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