The St.Nicolei church ruins in Zeitz


Hidden behind a rusty fence, overgrown landscaped gardens and tall trees is in the Geschwister-Scholl-Straße in the Badstubenvorstadt in Zeitz, the long-forgotten St. Nikolai. Only the tower is visible from far, is leading the way to ruin. The church was built in 1830 in neo-Gothic style and designed by the former architect Karl Hemminger. It was built for the old torn Nikoleikirche on the Nikoleiplatz as Trinitatiskirche. In 1970 she was evicted and left since her Schiksal due to construction defects. Deep cracks run through the old walls. The impression is stunning, despite the apparent decay. The vault of the former church is impressive, the high hollow-eyed church windows provide the fully skin. You can not really describe when you walk there through the empty church, it keeps the balance between awe, and admiration Fastzination feel. Despite the decline, barbarism and oblivion you feel as if not just give up without pride the old walls. Like a sleeping castle hoping to awakening, the ruin is hidden in the middle of the town of Zeitz and has its certain splendor and beauty is not lost even in recent years, but more incredible charm and gained pride.
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