Sanzhi UFO Ghost Town





The Sanzhi UFO houses are also known as Sanzhi pod houses or Sanzhi Pod City. The UFO houses were built in 1978. 60 colorful UFOs are north of the capital Taipei right at the seashore and rot. There are two abandoned holiday parks with futuristic buildings, they have existed for more than 30 years, have hardly been used. The UFO houses have brought no luck their builders and owners, and there wrestled many myths and legends surrounding Sanzhi. They were originally built by the owners or residents of the sea to provide a retreat with partially direct view, but most of the houses are empty and rotting. Only a few of them are used nich and a homeowner is very rare. Half-open to the entrance gates, overgrown by grass terraces, weathered exterior walls. As in the 70s, the first economic Boom.Phase Taiwan, which was conceived and built holiday resort, it was their time then far ahead. as the UFO settlement was under construction a few years later, announced the responsible agency, as a result of the energy crisis, bankruptcy. The company was unable to complete the construction. The bank sealed the houses and stopped the construction. 1989 UFO homes were sold for 7-8 million new Taiwan Dollers and the new owner planned it a five star Resord with yacht dock to make, but in the end, investors withdrew. When asked why the equipment was never completed, opinions of the locals in a variety of directions. They report that the construction of the settlement construction workers on mysteriously lost their lives. Whenever the buildings should be demolished, said to have died a worker as long as was adjusted until the demolition project. Ghosts are there to wreak havoc. Similarly, the results found during the construction body parts were. The settlement to have been built on a former ancestral graveyard. With only one thing, the locals are all agreed that haunt the souls of the dead has always been through the abandoned buildings. For over 20 years, no one has shown interest to invest money in this system. By the legendary stories there are no new investors. Demolish the houses no one would dare siuch in Taiwan, because they are afraid to disturb the peace of the dead!

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