Shi Cheng underwater ghost town and its history



Shi Cheng (underwater city in China)

The city lies in the eastern province of Zhejiang Shi Cheng was once a bustling metropolis and an important center of politics and economics.
 Due to its location in the five surrounding Lion Mountains, she was given the nickname `` Lionbridge city (Lion City) ``.
Founded in 208, the history of this ancient city goes back to the Chinese Dong Han period (25-200 AD). With its 5 city gates, six main stone roads connecting even the remotest corner of the city to each other and the massive city wall, Shi Cheng was an imposing and well populated (about 290,000 inhabitants) node of the time.
In 1959 the Chinese government decided then to construct a hydroelectric power plant in this region, thus the construction
 can a 105 m high dam (the first China) led to an artificial lake create. The actual flooding of the lake, which is still under the name Qiandao Lake, finally began in September 1959, the city lies in the area fell gradually to the water to the victims. To date, the Lion City lingers at a depth of 26- 40 m below the surface of the Qiandao Lake is well-known for its clarity and quality of drinking water and has since been an important mineral water supplier.
Many years after Shi Cheng has gone literally, this was gradually forgotten until a diver discovered in 2001 and became important people's interest gradually. Today several dives are offered to delve into the unique world can and always more to learn about the former bustling metropolis. By the water that protects the city from the otherwise typical erosions, this is as good as untouched, so much is still completely intact. While some stairs, wooden beams, parts of the former city wall, Intricate carvings on buildings or the 265 surviving arches were among the ruins already discovered many other surveys are still to dark, such as other existing memorial arches, or the white temple of the erstwhile manicured city.
It will be only a matter of time before Shi Cheng, whose size comprises about 62 football fields, is fully discovered yet remains a lost world for many years, the Chinese government has no interest in this once important city from the Qiandao to recover Lake.
Shi Cheng before its setting
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