The Forgotten Youth Village in Cap Ternay


The Cap Ternay Located in the Seychelles. It is a beautiful and unspoilt area with breathtaking views over the bay of Port Launay. The beach is shallow and rather frail and access is possible only by boat. Originally planned was a huge tourist resort with 421 rooms and suites, a "lazy river" and conference facilities. 2008 start of construction and the opening for 2010 was planned. But you see, instead of construction vehicles and newly constructed buildings, only the remaining vestiges of an abandoned village Seychelles youth. The project was at an impasse because the residents were unwilling even such a large tourist resort and the large construction equipment to accept the narrow access road. The financial crisis delayed the planned construction. For these reasons, it never occurred to commence and remain hidden under the palm trees a few long-forgotten former youth centers around it, has long been quiet except for a few passing by vacationers.
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