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VEB Polygraph Leipzig Leutsch

personal visits Report:
Once again we are on an adventure. Our next destination is located in Leipzig Leutsch. I do not know how many times I went over to the already huge empty building 100. Solz heads held it stood for decades since then. I personally do not know it differently. To search for an unguarded entrance not much difficult as it comes to us in different ways to the site. There is something special when you stand on the back of the building and it looks in its full glory. Many will wonder why always come so many pictures on our adventures about. I'll give it a try to explain. Every factory, every house and every castle, whatever we have already looked at us (we do of now for about 15 years, since a lot has been received) has its own impressions and many of them are so overwhelming that I am trying with the images of the reproduce what we see and experience. Sometimes it is simply a stunner, especially if we look at several old buildings complexes in a row, we get to see. Even here in Polygraph, we have tried to give the images by beautiful old world charm and again, because sometimes you can not at it through words and descriptions that give back. Look at the photos and let the images speak for us this time.
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