Past of the VEB

The forgotten VEB in Mumsdorf


Mumsdorf is a district of Meuselwitz which was incorporated with its 657 inhabitants in 1993. We accidentally found the VEB in Mumsdorf by simply following the paved road in the middle of the forest and standing in the middle of several factory ruins. Mumsdorf, which was influenced by agriculture at the beginning of the 20th century, developed into an industrial village in the middle of the 20th century. Already by the boom mining and the new construction of the factory halls of the former VEB Zemag Zeitz. The destroyed factory buildings of this VEB Mumsdorf belonged to the VEB Baukombinat Leipzig and we suspect that the meanwhile blown up and demolished former power plant Mumsdorf was not far away, that this VEB also industrial parts for the mining manufactured as at that time in this environment many other factories , Unfortunately, except for a few details and clues, you will not find much about this former VEB and as the pictures show, it does not seem to interest anybody for a long time and it seems like a few decades ago was still in operation.

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