The ruin of Obstweinschanke Rötha


Today orphaned ruins of once thriving Obstweinschanke, looks back on a long history. Born in Dresden in 1831, Heinrich Freiherr von Friesen at his residence, the former castle Rötha-, began to replant the family residence of Friesen, the paths with fruit trees after his return from the war in Rötha. The Weinbautratition in Rötha and environment goes back to the early 15th century. 1872 put Baron von Friesen larger plantation which he expanded constantly. This orchard was at that time at that time on the slope at the reservoir next to the Obstweinschanke. Today there is a small garden. This plantation then included 12,000 apple trees, pear trees 4800, 3800 cherry trees, 500 plum trees and 1,500 peach and apricot trees. The nebenanliegende Obstweinschanke originated in 1888, as Baron von Friesen founded a fruit processing plant where cider was produced from the crop surplus. This was connected Kelterrei the Obstweinschanke. Rotha was then known as the "Garden City" far beyond its borders. drove himself specially a special train from Leipzig to ehemalgen station in Rötha For a visit to the Obstweinschanke. This was demolished after Stilllgung and years of decay circa three years ago. The dances and patio with fruit wine bar of Obstweinschanke lured visitors brought scrape example. These enjoyed the view to the lake in the summer found under other cruises, regattas and boat trips instead. But this is up to a few anglers and walkers, just as deserted as the once vibrant Obstweinschanke. Where a notbedürftiger Parking arose today before Obstwinschänke, camped at the time on a blossoming summer meadow many regulars of Obstweinschanke. The large winery, founded in 1945 by Rotha "Freiherlich of Friesensche garden Directorate G.m.b.H" produced from the harvest of the Frisian orchards under other fruit wine, canned fruits, jams and the famous Röthaer juice until 2012. Now the Obstweinschanke stands empty for decades. Only old overgrown by moss stone steps and bent lanterns of former free seat today remember old times. Only with a lot of imagination one can imagine the sight of today's ruins of Obstweinschanke, this was once the most popular and liveliest place in Rötha.
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