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The factory ruin in Lobstädt


The remains of the buildings are hidden behind bare trees at the crossroads in Lobstädt, on the left direction Borna. Looking for the past these ruins we found the history of the former opposite briquette "Victoria". The no longer existing briquette "Victoria" was voher where today the newly created solar power plant is Lobstädt. She was in operation from 1901 to 1990 and served until the end of the 90 years the Leipziger Land in their environment with briquettes. Since we have found the remains on the opposite side no evidence we think this is not noticed ruin remains of this former briquette "Victoria". The terrain is there freely accessible from the angrenzeden parking lot and a small path led us right to the remaining ruins. The former building on the left have already fallen together in part. The rooms are very small, with adjoining garages. They are completely empty and only partly accessible. From the very first building to become available ruins. Also appear in the back ground track times to have been there several elongated depressions in the ground to point out. Hidden in the brush, we find a small little house with a Grubbe contained therein. The roof of the former hall standing on the right hand side opposite the smaller building is collapsed and is distributed in the interior of the hall. The ruin remains are visible through the bare trees and shrubs. If the tender green of the trees comes out the ruins disappear for the time of the summer months until it shows up again in the cold and dreary winter months.
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