The former Zitza Zeitz


The Zitza plant in Zeitz was founded in 1714th At this time cosmetic products were manufactured. Almost 100 years later, the soap factory Oehmig-Weidlich was founded in 1807th The old factory buildings were demolished around 1889 and Zitza works were rebuilt and enlarged. In 1902, cocoa products and chocolate were produced under the name "Tusnelda" next to beauty products also temporarily. Owner of the company at the time was Herrmann Thieme. In 1942 the company was re-established under the following name "C. H. Oehmig-Weidlich & Chemical Plant Dr. Carl Thieme". The production focused on the manufacture of soaps and perfumes. Ten years later, in 1952, the company was expropriated and has been in 1954 to VEB Zitza Zeitz plant. Renaming in VVB light chemistry, VEB Zitza Zeitz plant was carried out in 1966. Four years later it was the VEB Chemical Kombinat Miltitz, Zitza Zeitz and later became of the VEB German Hydrierwerk Rodleben, operating Zitza Zeitz. After the collapse of the GDR, 1990, invested the trust company in a heating system and new production machines were bought. Shortly thereafter acquired a hamburger cosmetic operation Zitza works and led them under "zitza cosmetic GmbH" on. There were new products manufactured and placed on the market, but this did not bring the expected success, therefore the production after a short time in 1996 was adjusted. The employees were terminated and sold the machines. Since now 20 years Zitza works Zeitz stand still and at the former factory buildings one can see the slow decay of time.
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