The Forgotten VEB Sero and metal detection factory ruin in Zeitz

From the street, it is hard to see, but if the old walls in the Schädestraße / Donaliesstraße approaching in Zeitz, you recognize hidden behind overgrown trees and shrubs, the old factory ruins of the former VEB Sero and metal detection. According to information of the retail group Rewe is said to have shown on the 2200 sqm large fallow terrain interest. There should, according to the report from 2014, a full range arise with baking shop and drugstore, which would be welcomed in the interests of the citizens of suburban Elster because there are hardly any shops in this area. But the city council Zeitz opposes, you would not mind a new investor and a smaller food market on the former factory site. The Lord Mayor of the town of Zeitz believes that the "lower city" Zeitz such a large market, as Rewe plans to him, can not stand. Until now, there has not yet come to a decision and the former industrial sites, including coincident in itself ruins, neglected and decays further to himself.
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