The abandoned restaurant "Three Roses" in Rötha


The now dilapidated into ruins restaurant "Three Roses" is one of the oldest buildings in the small town of Rötha. This building was built circa 1410. As the Böhlen road still ran straight at that time, it was originally on the market. As the city Rötha had then there held their assemblies and meetings, it was designated by the inhabitants popularly known as City Hall. Old-established Röthaner berichen today from the tasty chicken broth with egg and revive in thoughts the former inn with its cheerful memories. Many had looked at the play of light in the adjacent theater of Three roses after work. This light game there regularly from 1924, and the last time was played 1991st By 1970 there were in the theater, was demolished in 2015, 264 seats. Over the centuries, the building had to go through many changes. Since 1995, the then so popular restaurant is empty. The three roses are under Denkmlschutz. The Motoradclub "Chicanos MC Bohlen" wanted to open in the former restaurant their "3 Rose Undergroudclub" what the city Rötha, aufgund lack of permits, prohibited and also the district administration banned the use, as the house monument protection laws, it can not be easily converted. 2011 There was tear talking the Three roses for a new building of a home for the elderly, but also it has not come until now. Even at an eventual reconstruction was intended. Until now, it has been not yet decided. It would be nice if the building would be obtained because in Rötha many witnesses have disappeared and the three roses one of the few that is still preserved.
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