The train station ruin Leipzig-Leutzsch



This station located in the district of Leipzig Leutzsch was opened on 22 March 1856 together with the Thuringian railway and joined the local town with Großkorbetha. Only 7 kilometers of railway, relationship White 10-minute drive him from the actual Main Railway Station in the city of Leipzig.

Three times already changed the station near the city center its name.
 Was he in his opening under the name " Barneck "
(Named after a nearby manor) out, it was soon thereafter " rewritten Leutzsch " only at the station.
It was only on January 1, 1922, when the city of Leipzig unincorporated community the Leutzsch, he received its current name " Leipzig Leutzsch ".
In the year 1873 this station the start point of the route Leipzig Probstzella and 1931-1998 the terminus of the line of Merseburg Leipzig, represents.
In 1969, he was even one of the first who possessed a breakpoint on commuter trains. However, despite the once good performance with respect to the use of the station, he lost in the last decade of the 20th century more and more functionality and importance as a regional station, whereby since 1899 existing road crossing in the LVB (Leipzig transport services) has even stopped completely in 2001 , In addition, the station Leipzig-Leutzsch is for the selfsame year from the operations center of Leipzig completely remote controlled, thereby standing still to this day buildings remain unused. By following the restructuring of the suburban railway traffic in the Leipzig for the construction of the S-Bahn central Germany, the station was finally done with the previous breakpoint industrial area west to a new stadium and made changes in this area.
Among other things, the old, partly covered waiting terraces were demolished and built new outer / middle and platforms, as well as new and changed tracks. Stairs and elevators provide easy access to the adjacent Georg-Schwarz-road, from which you can probably see the long vacant building of the former railway station to remember the far back into history can.
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