The former Spielwarenfabrik Zrost in Taucha



In the Freiligrathstraße in Taucha the old toy factory goods Zrost, or at least what's left of it is still standing. Prior to 1990, the former factory site of about 14,000 square meters belonged to the VEB Zelta Pouch, which manufactured in the factory tents and medicine balls. These were produced even in times of war there. After the site passed into the hands of the Treuhand, it was divided into two parts. The still remaining part was in 1991 over to an entrepreneur who made a saddlery therefrom. It has also been a part of the factory to the Zrost Toys GmbH & Co.KG, which produced the famous toy bricks "Anchor Stones", rented since 1993. Two years later, in 1995, the saddlery went bankrupt and it absorbed artist troupe tried over the years to preserve the buildings and protect them busy with exhibitions until 2003, when they were driven by excessive Mietsforderungen. Against the Süpielwarenfirma Zrost insolvency proceedings were opened in 1999. In 2005, the company handed over the terrain Zrost the rightful successor, the Trust and from then on it went downhill with the empty buildings. A fire after another destroyed large parts of the building. Four times within just two years had to march to the insertion direction Spielwarenfabrik firefighters. Much of the former factory is now collapsed. The terrain is overgrown. Broken windows, empty hollow passages, forgotten furniture, trash, rubbish and vandalism are the signs of neglect and oblivion. A ruined more among countless black city lights.

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