The Forgotten Zetti chocolate factory Zeitz


Who does not know that popular Zetti crisps? Fiedrich August Oehler had an iron and color Warenhandel early 19th century in Zeitz. In 1831 Oehler founded first in a smaller object in the Scharrenstraße in Zeitz, the Zetti Schokoladenunterehmen, still under the former name of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery. His son Robert Gustav Donalis, hence the name of Donalisstraße, took over the company in 1865 and the takeover was also successful. From 1846 until 1895, only sugar and bakery products were produced exclusively. It was only with the move to the new building in the former Donalisstraße 1895 chocolate-making began as a new branch of production. In the 10,000 m² operating area also Gaßmasken were produced in World War I alongside chocolate. In 1950 the FAOehler Unternhmen was connected to the VEB and the VVB confectionery industry Dresden. 1990 Zetti factory in Zeitz to damligen DDR operating Goldeck and in Leipzig was sold, including production facilities and naming rights. Since 1995 Zetti produced again in Zeitz. For that particular purpose, a new depot was built which was taken in 1999 in operation. And the birthplace of Zetti crisps in Donalisstraße expires. According to information the huge area to be sold and it should arise in museums. But nothing is still seeing today. The over 100 year old building continue to fall in on itself and it looks as if there is nothing in the near future change it.
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