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The factory ruin in Borna


The factory ruin in Borna is located in between the shopping discounters Lidl and Aldi in Borna. Unfortunately we have not yet found any clues to the factory or the upcoming building. We do not know exactly whether it is a disused factory in ruins, we think it could possibly be an old printing due to the slightly larger but remaining machines. The area is easily accessible from several sides and is surrounded by newly built apartment buildings. The first is supported part of something larger building is difficult to identify. It could have been a warehouse times. To the ruins around everything is trashed and also in its interior, the former traveled chaos and confusion. On one side of the hall and then directly into the collapsed inside, on the other hand are like small contiguous areas where we think it is former office units. From the hall to get directly to the adjacent site of the former factory. The doors are all open together, so that we could look at the interior spaces. On the ground floor across the room walking a narrow solid Grubbe, where the rear end is a great machine. The interior of the single corresponding smaller space is destroyed. Upward into the upper floors of a stone staircase leads us. But again, unfortunately, we find no evidence of the building's past. In the attic all tiles have been removed and gestabelt under the roof beams. Frankly, it's a weird oblique view. But in the last floor you find any traces of the past. We do not know whether the two ruins belong together, whether the hall was added later built or what it is for the two ruins. But we will continue to look at the ruins to give a name and her past.
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