The growing past the former brewery Sternenburg



Colloquially the Star Castle beer is also called "Sterni". The beer Sternenburg is a brand of beer from Leipzig belongs to the Radeberger group. The best-selling product of the group is the Sternenburg export. With a market share of 9.5% in 2006, Star Castle is the beer brand with the largest sales in East Germany, which until 2011 was completely without advertising. Lützschena and his beer years ago an indivisible whole. Even today determines the silhoutte of the former brewery with the green dome and the clock tower of the workshop building the landscape. 1278 for the first time a brewery was mentioned in documents manor between Elster and millpond, the origin of Star Castle. William of Mechfritz erworb 1405 manor Lützschena and the landlord's brewery. When the landowner by William of Mechfritz, Captain Hanz Moritz Alexander von Klengel died in 1816 at the time, became his widow in economic difficulties. That is why they sold 1822 entire Great for 101,570 dollars to the Leipzig merchant and wool merchant Maximilian bacon. 1822 now was the manor passed into the hands of Maximilian Speck, who had acquired it by sheep to breed it. Mr. Bacon succeeded by successful businesses such as sheep farming, flood protection, fruit growing, new agricultural methods, operation of brick and the brewery Good to new heights to economize high. When Maximilian Bacon was knighted, and by the recognition of the Bavarian King, he asked himself Sternenburg be able to call. Knight Maximilian of star castle closed a few years later the old Gutsbrauerei- 1836 and 1837 he was the new brewery and malting build because where she was standing almost 180 years later still. As the beer but at first could not be sold in Leipzig, Maximilian of Star Castle acquired the Leipzig castle cellar, where today the Mövenpick restaurant. April 1823 he received the Leipzig City Council Ausschankgenehmigung.30.000 hectoliters of beer were sold at that time approximately. 1846 and 1847 had to build three new storage cellar bacon by the increase in beer sales. 1856 died Knight Maximilian, his son, Baron Alexander von stern castle led the Good and the brewery continued after his death. In 1876 and 1877, under his leadership, a new steam boiler and steam engine beschaft, the brewhouse was expanded and built a new kiln for malting. James Alexander, his son, was a distinguished expert on Breuereiwesen. He led the brewery 1883 according to the latest scientific findings and extended them. Soon the demand exceeded the ngebot. 1888 and 1889 have been purchased to increase the production of a new boiler, ice and refrigeration equipment. 1890 übertug James Alexander the employee Oswald winds the management. Until World War II, the brewery was characterized by steady development of the company. 1890 and 1891 new brewhouse with steam cooking was put into operation. As of 1892, the brewery could ship the beer in bottles with new stock barrels and Garbottiche and the new brewhouse. 1897, the brewery was equipped with electric motors. 1901, the hydroelectric plant was put into operation that supplied the Brauereibis in the 60's years with DC current to the magpie. The Breierei decreed the first German running around the turn of the century with an internal telephone network with 74 terminals. By 1906, the bottling hall and the cold store was expanded and rebuilt in the same year, the Gadthof, here is the Brew of the known star castle was made beer. 1910, the construction of the boiler house was completed in 1911, the siding was put into operation and thus was connected to the railway network. 1912, the brewery was separated from the Country Estate and converted into a limited company. After the First World War, another storage cellar and the car eurden hall built. 1928 were the brewhouse with its copper roof and the workshop building with the clock tower, the most recently built before the Second World War. Both of the buildings are listed buildings. 250,000 hectoliters, the annual production of beer in front of the Second World War. 1945 anti-fascist council was formed during World War II in the brewery and the brewery was sought under the new conditions to continue. On July 2, 1945, this changed when the Americans were replaced by the Soviet troops, who took over the brewery in 1946 in its administration. 1947, the brewery was placed back into German hands, but as VEB. In 1948, the property was nationalized to form a 1968 operating part of the VEB Kombinat drinks Leipzig. Through the establishment of the first 23 meters high maturity and Gärreaktoren with a capacity of 250,000 liters in 1973 to 1980 at the end of eight. 1976, a new bottling hall was erected a steel skeleton and put into operation. Until 1978 the beer production increased to 400,000 hectoliters annually. At the time the firing of the boiler was converted to Heiröl, but this was later reversed. In 1989, employs approximately 500 people in the brewery and it was 500,000 hectoliters of beer produced. In 1990, founded by the reunification of Germany, the independent company "Star Castle Brauerei GmbH" in cooperation with the Stuttgarter Hofbräu. The production volume decreased due to elimination of export opportunities back to 60,000 hectoliters. So was sold to the Sachsenbräu AG, which was accompanied by the closure of the brewery site Lützschena and the relocation of production to the Reudnitzer brewery. Thus, the company became a 100% subsidiary of the Dortmunder Brau & Brunnen AG. In 1991, the last time was brewed beer in Lützschena Sternenburg and on 31 August 1991, the doors of the Star Castle Brewery Lützschena closed permanently. All that was usable was sold or geschaft after Reudnitz. The rest were scrapped or thrown in the trash. The boiler house and the oil tank were demolished. In 1995, the chimney blown up. Also, the workshop building with the clock tower victims of the flames was. About an hour long fought the fire against the flames zerstörrten half of the truss. Until now, no new investor has been found and the old brewery forfeit more and more. 2009 the first star castle fan festival held in Leipzig. Annually since that date pilgrimage several thousand fans in their "Sterniversum" happy to celebrate together.

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