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The Lindenau harbor in Leipzig





The Lindenau port belongs to the Elster-Saale Canal project. Construction began in 1938, originally the Elster-Saale-channel with the Karl-Heine-channel should be connected, but in the spring of 1943, the work was stopped. Large parts were found already completed at this time. Karl Heine, Plagwitz also a center of industry for Leipzig developed, also foresaw the ship Stranzberg port for the Tranzport of raw materials. Actually, the Lindenau harbor should secure the ship Stranzberg Port to Hamburg, but he left a channel of the Elster build the industrial area which should have extended to the Saale. The unfinished port was built under the Nazis. 1966 exploded into one of the warehouses, an oil mill, which can be well seen from the outside today. It is planned by the connection of the Karl-Heine-channel to the harbor basin and subsequently to achieve the Elster-Saale-channel urbanization of the port area and a stronger linkage between old-industrialized districts of Lindenau and Plagwitz with Grunau.

personal visits Report
Today we are faced with the ruins of the Lindenau harbor. Even a few years ago we were there and gave us the old building viewed from the inside, unfortunately without a camera. So we issued today a second time in order to keep it interesting photographs for you laid. The second warehouse, which was not as strongly affected the time can be seen only from the outside even on our first visit we did not get into the building. But the other is all the more interesting. The first floor is very dark and I'm glad about our flashlights. Everything is dark and empty. Lucky are the ancient stairs of stone so that they have survived the years without major damage. Desso higher we got the more was shut off. Many floors have left after and were secured with barriers. But the rise was worth it, the view is amazing. From below comes a not at the building in front of that big, but if one stands first at the top you can see almost the whole of Leipzig. On the last whole upper floor we could not because everything was partially collapsed or burned. I'm curious how long this ruin is still standing. From the outside it has stood like a rock in the surf, but inside it breaks zusehens. Eventually, they will fall like a house of cards together, but still she stands there like a rießengroßes memorial to remember what mankind used to forget it again and left to their fate.
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