The ghost town of Bodie 





Bodie is a ghost town east of San Francisco. It was created after 1859 as a gold mining settlement and was eye give 1930's. The humidity is high, many buildings, equipment and cars are well preserved. 1859 William S. Bodey had found in Mono Country in the Sierra Nevada gold, but in the same year he died. (Presumably in a snow storm). His family founded at this point the town of Bodie and began in 1861 with the gold mining. 1876, the city grew rapidly on after the Standard Company, which operated the gold mine, was met with a Goldarter. Four years later lived 10,000 people in Bodie. 65 saloons along the main road, a red light district, a district with a Chinese temple and a taoitischem opium den, a railway, several newspapers, 7 breweries and churches of different religious Bodie had the best of times. Robbery, murders and robberies were on the agenda. Bodie had a bad reputation and was considered one of the wildest and most lawless cities of the West. After a few successful years the mine threw hardly any profit from, partly because the price of gold was dropped sharply. After Bodie had to offer any additional revenue streams more, were the inhabitants pay back again rapidly. Around the turn of the century there was a small upturn but could not stop the decline again. In 1917 the railway line was dismantled and scrapped the rails. By the middle of the twentieth century Bodie had a few people. A major fire in 1932, the number of houses, except for the few few remaining buildings to date, destroyed. Thus, the fate of Bodie was sealed. The business district in the city center was completely destroyed by the fire. The post office at the In 1877, closed its doors in 1922. The mine was still operating in the following years. Add to sechsiger years of gold mining has been completely abandoned. The eponymous town in Okanogan Country suffered the same fate.

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