The wood and Spielwarenfabrik ruin in Zeitz


The huge for years disused factory complex in Zeitz Zeitz belonged to the stroller company Zekiwa. In this factory buildings Puppenwagen the Zikiwa were made and in the work 1, also known as factory ruins standing in Zeitz and seen in our homepage, the strollers were manufactured. The origin of the Zeitz stroller industry goes here back to the year 1846, when EANeather called the oldest and largest stroller factory in Europe to life. According to information the site should have been offered to the buildings in 2014 to foreclosure. But regarding the coinciding in ruins themselves, no one will be as yet found the former buys the wood and Spielwarenfabrik.
Past the Zekiwafabriken in Zeitz
A native of Wilhelminian days old factory ruins of Zekiwa stroller GmbH goes with its origin dating back to the year 1846th The wheelwright Ernst Albert Naether founded this year his company EANaether and in 1946 it created the VEB Zekiwa. The 1942 has been converted into an AG company was in 1946 the company name "VVB Wood Hall, VEB Zeitz stroller industry, operating 1". With its Zuwirkung Ernst Albert Naether contributed the the stroller was at that time a commodity. Already in 1976 came the first little buggy on the market and produced from 1986 first stroller with plastic tub, received at his exhibition at the Leipzig Fair even a gold medal. With 2,200 employees and an annual production of around 600,000 strollers, 160,000 Puppenwagen and export to 15 countries, the VEB Zekiwa the biggest pram factory in Europe, among others, by working with large companies such as Neckermann and Quelle was. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the town of Zeitz became the center of the stroller industry in Europe. The Zekiwa factory was therefore very modern equipped, among others, through a fully automated, computer-controlled new conveyor bridge. From the year 1985, the company was called "VEB Kombinat stroller vehicles Zekiwa Zeitz, Operation 1" and shortly before the end of the GDR, the renewed name was changed to "VEB Zekiwa Zeitz, BT 1 in VEB Kombinat Toys Sonnenberg". In 1988, a consequence of the GDR children's television series was filmed "Jan and Tini traveling" in the Zekiwa plant in Zeitz. The end of the GDR and the subsequent reunification of the Zekiwa factory Zeitz the beginning of the end. The manufacturing operation was by the sudden loss of important export markets soon afterwards and adjusted in 1996, Zekiwa pram factory GmbH was liquidated through bankruptcy. Except for a small company near the town of Zeitz, which still produced, all other productions were relocated abroad. Today is just a dilapidated and forgotten factory ruins left.


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