The disused Dadipark in Belgium


The former amusement park is located in the center of the village of Dadizele, Belgium. It was opened in 1950, the closure of the park by 2002. The owner of the Daiparks were the NV Dadipark. The slogan of the abandoned children Parkes was "Where a child is king". Dadipark was opened under the influence of Pastor Gaston Deweer, at this time Dadizele was a magnet for tourists. Originally the park was a playground for the children of visitors to the basilica, little by little, the park has developed into something big. In Dadipark was not about to make large and modern attractions on display, here it was more about the little children. There was a 800 meter-long suspension bridge at the edges of the domain. She was the longest in Europe. 2000 An accident occurred during the journey in the Nautic Jet attraction. A boy was seriously injured at the time, he lost his arm while driving. It was the worst accident in the history of Dadiparks, but not the only incident. After the accident, the visitors were afraid for their safety that the rides were concerned. This had an impact on the number of visitors that have been steadily less. In 2002, the park on the grounds to renovate the park for a year and rehabilitate was closed. However, from the reopening was nothing that Dadipark remained closed. After the closure of several investors have shown interest in the park, but since the schemes exempted and conditions of the urban planning were too strict, it has not yet come up for sale now. Since 2002, all of the rides are quiet and nature regains her area. Meanwhile, all features of the park are overgrown. 2011 Dadipark a Tranzporter was set on fire. In the same year in September, it was announced that the city Moorslede has approved the demolition and cleanup of Dadipark. 2012 people were interviewed now what to do with the former theme park. In 2011 was approved as the demolition of the park, the group Dadipark Continues was founded, the main goal of this group is to prevent the demolition. Since 2012, the park will be demolished, the buildings are gutted, only the foundation walls are still standing. The Board in Dadizele wants to turn the former Dadipark a sports and walking park.
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