The disused coal mine Hasard Cheratte in Belgium


Hasard Cheratte is a coal mine in Belgium, which is located in the Walloon part of the country. The first shaft, which measures a depth of 250 meters, was built in 1850 but it was in 1877, Schacht closed again after a serious accident. 28 years later, in 1905, the old plant was demolished and a new building built in neo-Gothic style, with conveyor system in Malakoff Tower, on the mine 1, after the coal mine was put into operation again. In 1920, a new wash house was built by the Belgian company de Beer Jemep. 1927 was followed by an expansion of the mine with a second shaft and a winding tower made of steel, but it is no longer received. This year, at the same time began the construction of a third pit, a depth of 313 meters reached in 1938, with a further winding tower of steel. This construction went up to 1947, but could be the shaft started in 1953 with the promotion of coal because 3 was only ready at a depth of 480 meters. Derweile the first and oldest bay was converted into a rescue shaft and the second shaft was abandoned and sealed. Mid-20th century were up to 1,500 miners and mine workers employed in the operation, after which the mining company began the construction of a self-City for the employees in 1925, equipped with water supply, drainage channel, light and divided enough space in every home to six room. In the 1970s, the natural gas replaced coal as an energy source from, as a result, decreased earnings and the number of employees of the coal mine. When it was set in 1977, the city was built was acquired by a social housing society and even to this day. The site of the company was sold to a Flemish contractor name Armand Lowie, this sought the demolition of the entire building of the coal mine facility at, but a regulation in 1978 forestalled him by presented the building contained on the property listed. In 2007 the disused Hasard Cheratte was admitted to the funding of the Walloon Region. The measures for the preservation of the buildings involved up to now only the renovation of the roof of the main building. According to information the halls and other buildings of the plant should be demolished by the year 2014/2015 and the main building to be completely renovated, but unfortunately still no further measures to preserve the historic coal mine Hasard Cheratte to see.
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