the trapped ghost town Verosia





Verosia and your story

Verosia, also called Veroscha is a ghost town on the outskirts of Famagustaim on the island of Cyprus. The De Jure is part of the territory of the Republick Cyprus, it imputes the Famagusta district. Since 1974 Verosia is a closed military zone and is dominated by the Turkish Republick Northern Cyprus. From 1960 to 1970 Verosia part because of its mass tourism importance. Despite the fact that the plot length at the beach was not more than 25-35 m large hotel resorts were built, most of whom represented the narrow side. 1973 generated approximately 53.7% of Verosia Gesammteinnahmen in the tourism industry on the island. It was also the last year before the Turkish invasion of Cyprus conflict. The system consisted of 45 hotels with 10,000 beds, 21 banks, 24 theaters and cinemas, around 3,000 small and large businesses, 60 apartments hotels and other buildings were 380 in 1974 still under construction. In the same year occupied, as part of the invasion of Nordteis the island, the Turkish Milität the city and declared the Annex to the restricted area. Other places of the island had been taken over the role of the tourist center at the time. Since taking the Turkish military Verosia expires zusehens and even nature gets gradually what man had once taken her slowly back again. The endangered green turtle on the beach of the ruined city has found an important breeding ground for themselves.
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