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The factory was founded in 1899 by August Hermann Richard Hoh and Frederick Augustus William Hahne. They founded the company in order to produce photographic products. From 1926 all units are produced under the trademark "Hohlux". 1941, the company was converted into a limited partnership (KG). In 1950, the company was handed over to a trustee. The VVB OPTICS Jena took over in 1951 the administration. In 1953, the German investment bank, Filliale Leipzig, state Gesellschaftler. 1962 Foundation of VEB Polygraph Reprotechnik Leipzig as the operation of the Polygraph Combine Leipzig. The Combine belonged to this period more than 10 companies in the graphic engineering industry. In 1965, the two room Reproduction camera "jupiter" presented by VEB Reprotechnik Leipzig. 1979, the city of Leipzig Polygraphic center of a divided Germany, the main research and work spaces Technology and Equipment prepress. In the 1980s, about 50% of shopping bags were printed in the USA on printing machines of the brand polygraph. The "Lux" -Trockenplattenwurden of two founders of the company sold there. The illumination device to fold & Werner was also prepared there. From 1983, development and production of the first electronic control units. In 1990 the Kombinat VEB Polygraph and associated polygraph Reprotechnik Leipzig was dissolved by the political and economic collapse of the GDR.

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