The former public baths in Zeitz


The now highly abandoned over 100 years old Volksbad in Zeitz, was built in 1905 on behalf of Albin Neather, under the name "Albin Neather'sche Volksbad". Descendant of the pram factory Antes Neather the Zekiwa in Zeitz. To 1899, the Berlin-based social reformer Oskar Lassar founded the "German Society for People's Baths". Since the units of that ordinary citizens had no baths, were nationally bathhouses built to ensure the important basic hygiene of the lower classes and to allow. A native of Quedlingburg Stadtbaurat Emil Paul Laumer was the construction manager and design editor of the People's bath. The rush of the newly built Neather people bath was not long in coming. Just two months after opening in 1906, counting the Volksbad 9874 visitors and in the two years 1907 and 1908 already 65,315 bathers. Two years after its opening in 1908, a second Dmpfbad had to be specially built for capacity shortage. The cost of a Brausebad, duration about 30 minutes, were at that Zit ten pennies and 40 minutes swimming pool use forty pennies. A kilo of bath salt cost around 1920 ten pennies. A ehemalge Aufwartfrau, today's cleaning power, deserved at that time 1.50 marks per day. A swimming instructor 125 marks a month and a cashier earned 60 marks per month. During World War II, the public baths had suffered greatly Bombenangiffen. Large parts of the former Badeansalt, et al the swimming pool, were destroyed. Get today is only the under preservation main entrance building. Since 1996, the once well-constructed building stands empty and in 2000 it was offered for a minimum price of 330,000 Mark for sale, but where there was no interested buyers. In 2013, the main building of the People's bath was flooded. Who stands today before more than 100 years old Neather'schen Volksbad, sees nothing but a ruin, a remnant of the past.
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