The Forgotten Jute - factory in Leipzig - Lindenau


The immense factory ruin in Lützenerstraße in Lindenau district, was built in 1896th Times of jute yarn produced for the production of carpets - In the rießigen factory building with red brick facade with yellow outline Klinger GDR was. Jute comes from the Corchorus - plant and is a half - two meters long bast fiber from the stems that grew. Jute is strong silky gloss and its color is white to yellowish, these color changes with exposure to moisture and air from dark to deep brown. The extraction is carried out by roasting, washing and drying, and their high tensile strength with low elongation and hardness make them very suitable for producing again was capable yarns and fabrics. The jute can be good bleaching and dyeing, however, tolerated no chlorine or mineral acids. Since the end of the GDR, the production in this plant was shut down and the factory was closed. For more than 20 years, the jute is - factory and its adjacent Attachments empty.
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